Designing a Secure Enterprise Communications Platform

Designing the world's most secure enterprise communications platform.

The What

NEC worked with us to design the next generation of encrypted unified communications.

From VoIP to mobile, from chat to messaging, and everything in-between. NEC's vision was to integrate their communication devices and hardware through a simple to set up and use software platform for corporate enterprise users.

The Why

The rapid advances in technology and software had all but made the traditional desk phone obsolete. Add to that the increasing security risks of hacking and virus infiltration, NEC saw a need to develop a high-security communications platform for global customers.

Yet still, easy to setup and install across enterprise environments and intuitive for the end users.

The How

A massive undertaking, to say the least. We began with research in security, communications frameworks and user behaviors in the work place.

Through workshops and ethnography research we developed personas and user journeys to identify every variation of user tasks—how people communicate, collaborate and share information across many devices. This led us to create a seamless experience throughout the most complex activities in our audience's work day.

Usability testing and performance research helped us to refine the app for an intuitive and efficient experience across desktop, mobile and hard line phones, as well as a simple administrative application to manage and monitor thousands of installations at a glance.