Disrupting the Delivery Business in Southeast Asia

Rethinking the ultimate shared economy delivery experience for consumers.

The What

They're a startup.
They're cracking a global industry.
We love the rebels!

Zyllem is the leading provider of fast, cost-effective, crowdsourced delivery services in Southeast Asia.

Lucky for us, they reached out to rethink their mobile consumer experience.

The Why

The Zyllem app, while functional, faced many UX challenges across iOS and Android devices. The general feedback from customers was a negative experience.

In their innate wisdom, Zyllem sought to solve the problem by focusing on establishing their product as the only solution for delivery services across SEA.

The How

We worked closely with Zyllem to first, identify their core customer base, research consumer experience needs, and solve usability and experience problems.

Starting with an internal mini-workshop to zero in on user personas and journeys, then performing field research through in-person interviews and surveys, we identified audience needs and went to work to solve those problems.

Finally, we worked with the Zyllem folks (hi Niamh and team...we love you!) to develop a UX process and product design to solve the key challenges.

We're happy to say that we see Zyllem as a client we'll be working with long into the future to design an amazing product that their customers love.