Inventing a New Way To Play The Stock Market

We designed an investment experience that tapped social media and gaming to inspire people to learn, explore and share their trading knowledge.

The What

Today Kapitall is a successful, well-funded startup brokerage.

However, in 2010 it wasn’t even an idea. The founders approached Kizmo to work with them to develop a product that merged the entertainment and engagement of gaming with the strategy and power of finance.

Thorough research, exploration and immersion resulted in a new kind of investment platform.

One that educates, informs and entertains.

The Why

The average person lacks the knowledge and is fearful of investing in the stock market or even their own retirement plans.

Industry jargon and market turbulence are huge barriers to entry for the average person. The general mindset is that the stock market is skewed towards institutional investment banks leaving little room for the individual.

The How

Early field research and ethnography helped us to better understand our audience's challenges.

We created a simple experience both fun to play, but a powerful education tool.

General lack of knowledge of finance, investing and money management was a huge barrier to entry into the stock market by the majority of people.. We set about architecting a financial education platform through a game like experience.

The stock market is a complex, global industry. Our focus was on creating an intuitive and easy to use application that inspired users to explore, learn and challenge.

The world's first drag and drop investing app.

We wanted learning to be fun, but powerful. As users level up they gain access to new tools that help increase their knowledge and trading capabilities. As they share their experiences through social media, users can collaborate with other investors to teach, learn and win.